KrogerFeedback Survey : 50 Fuel Points

Hey Everyone…!!  Are you here for participating in the KrogerFeedback survey. Kroger Feedback ,the official website to participate in the KrogerFeedback Survey & win 50 fuel points. You simply have to take the survey. There might many interesting monthly sweepstakes which excites you, But this monthly sweepstake giving away $5000 gift card or 50 fuel points to the lucky winners. Still waiting on Submit you feedback ?? We recommend you to spend few minutes to complete Kroger Feedback survey & get fuel points.

. All the customer has to do is complete the survey after entering into the KrogerFeedback official website. Customer satisfaction is given greater importance. People might talk about bad and good customer experience they have at the store. It helps to improve service quality, work efficiency, and performance in way possible. So that new customers as well as existing customers could gain fuel points.

Take the Kroger Feedback Survey here

If you choose to participate in the Kroger survey at, only eligible candidates with printed receipt with entry ID. We expect customers to review us and share their opinion based on your experience at the retail store. Even its a positive or negative feedback its completely OK. Because we respect the customer opinion that enhance Shopping experience on your next visit. Will I need to spend my time to begin the Kroger Feedback survey ?? For Free ? No, in-return Kroger surveys directly to your account if you redeem your voucher code.

Navigate through krogerfeedback directly to obtain fuel points ? Because by collecting responses from the customer helps to improve our products and services. As we believe customer opinions helps to serve better on their next visit to the store.

You are allowed to give positive or negative feedback. Your response could help to improve our products and services. Kroger Feedback helps us to know satisfaction level of customer whether they are highly satisfied or dissatisfied. We encourage you to express your honest opinion and with your experience at the kroger store. We hope this krogerfeedback can be useful to predict happy customers who tend to rate overall satisfaction with goods, services you received.

How To Take KrogerFeedback survey ?

  • First of all you need to visit official website of
  •  You will be redirected to survey page.
  • Then select your preferred language and change it to user-friendly (English or Spanish.).
  • When you made a transaction at the kroger store, receipt is given .
  • In the top of the printed receipt, you can find the Entry ID.
  • Enter the 15 digit Entry ID in the 6 Boxes provided above.
  • Make sure that give the accurate information.
  • You need to Enter the Entry-ID, Date of Visit and Time then Click on START.
  • The survey questionnaire will given to answer it carefully.
  • Submit your Feedback, Customers have to provide their valuable ratings from 1 to 10.
  • You need to answer honestly for all the multiple choice questions.
  • After the process is complete, click on submit button.
  • You need to enter loyalty card number to gain.
  • Redeem your voucher code on your next visit.
  • You can check the limit of bonus points per 7 days.

Who are eligible to take the KrogerFeedback Survey ?

  1. Candidate must be legal residents of the fifty (50) United States.
  2. He/She should be at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry.
  3. The Company Employees, and their family members are not permitted
  4. Entrants will not be allowed to change their physical address or e-mail address.
  5. The entry period starts from 1st of every month and ends till end of the month.
  6. Till February 2021, there are 6 entry periods.
  7. Make a Purchase or Mail-in Without Purchase are possible ways.

How Can I Win 50 Fuel Points ?

Random drawings/lottery are been conducted per each entry period. Lucky Winners will be displayed after the random drawings is done on 11th of every month (tentative date) per each entry period . What about grand prizes to the Lucky winners ?? There will be two types of prizes sponsored the winners who got selected in the Random drawings.

The ARV(Approximate Retail Value) of each Grand Prize is $5,000 gift card and 1st Prize is $100 in the form of lucrative rewards. Grand prize is given to one lucky person,  where as First Prize is given to hundred in the form of kroger gift cards.

The shopping experience is good. And also with Krogerfeedback will give you Kroger rewards. Its important to value the customer as they walk out for obtaining more kroger Fuel points or gift cards to the Sweepstakes winners, 50 Fuel Points 50 fuel points
  •  Is KrogerFeedback safe to visit ?

KrogerFeedback is a Safe and user-friendly to obtain all 50 Fuel points

  • What should I do if “I do not have a Entry id on my printed receipt” ?

Input the information like  : Store ID, Date  and Time and Click on Start.

  • How do you improve shopping experience at the grocery stores?

While you go to Grocery store, you can view and examine every brand products and get at lowest prices that enhance shopping experience.

  • Why Do I require Shopping List ?

Shopping list is required for shopping groceries easily at food supermarkets also at superior quality.

  • Is it the best food supermarket for the grocery shopping

It’s a delightfully a best self-service shop for shopping the grocery items at food supermarket.

  • Do I get groceries are available at lowest prices ?

Yes, absolutely, with excellent quality groceries are available at affordable price.

  • What’s so special for Grocery shopping when compared to supermarket ?

Because Kroger is one of the largest grocery store in the United States. Irrespectively it has wide spread of grocery store, retails, manufacturing, merchandise.

  • What is ARV(Approximate Retail Value) of Lucrative rewards that the monthly sweepstakes ?

$100 & $5000 gift cards(Grand and First Prizes).

  • Does this applicable on all kroger private brands

Yes.. It is applicable to all brands under Kroger.Co

  • How I can contact Customer support ?

If You can contact the customer support via phone number at 1-800-576-4377 in working hours.