| Kroger Employee Login Portal is an official portal of Kroger Inc. Actually provides Kroger employees information about the company employees and its work flow. All the Kroger employees and company associates can access this employee portal. In great people portal any information will be circulated whatever happens in Kroger. This portal helps employee to let them know their on going status of the employee. This website provides current updates about paystubs, newsletters, work schedules, official holidays, etc. Kroger Employee Login @

GreatPeopleMe login portal offers brilliant features to their employees. GreatPeople.Me login is the official portal where Kroger employees can access employment information. You can log in into the portal once you a part of them. Paystub and work schedule is the main motive in the portal to allow Kroger employees to access their data online. Employees and associates are able to access even more stuff like their pay stubs, work schedules and a lot many other details when you securely login.

How to Perform GreatPeopleMe Login?

The site is dedicated for the Kroger employee associates. Even the Employees of Kroger Private brands like Fred Meyer outlet store or Dillon’s convenience stores have the access.

  • To login into Kroger’s, go head.
  • Just launch a browser in your mobile or computer.
  • Go into the URL
  • Note that you need to enter perfect URL in the address bar.
  • Then you’ll be redirected to the Secureweb :
  • All you need is an Enterprise User ID and also Password to login to the portal.
  • If the portal not working with your side, just change browser or check your internet settings.
  • In the secure login, click on I agree and login into the employee portal. is a portal for multiple information sources makes the organisation smoother for kroger workers. It’s an incredible system of information online instead of unnecessary paperwork. All you require is an User ID and Password to logging in to the portal.

What can you access in the Kroger Employee Portal?

Here are a few Employee Benefits offered:

  • Check your e -schedule and daily tasks there.
  • Information about different products, services and available discounts.
  • Apply for vacations and Paid Time Off.
  • Find answers to their job-related queries.
  • Bonus Pay and appraisals

Forgot Enterprise ID & Password ?

If you are not able to login to your profile trying the clearing your browser history or change the browser. If the problem persists click on  Help! I have forgotten my password. Recover your password by just following few steps.  Follow these three alternative methods to get a brand-new password will appear on your email. Comply with the standard and reset your password.

  1. For recovering your Enterprise ID, you need to contact your Kroger store administrator.
  2. To recover your password or alter the previous one goes to the site
  3. Kroger Help Desk For Employees through customer service : 1–800–576–4377

GreatPeople.Me Schedule:

Check your work schedule timings at e schedule online. To look into your work schedule for the first attempt, Follow few steps.

Step.1: Use Your Registration-Key

  • Store admin will give you personal Registration-Key with an encrypted document.
  • For the password, you need to take few steps.

Step.2: Set up your password and security questions

  • Try logging into
  • Login to the My Schedule tab
  • On Login Page, Click On the link “Self-service Registry.”
  • Enter Your Enterprise ID and your Registry Key.
  • Click On Login.
  • Now, Select & answer any five security questions and click next.
  • Type and save your password.

Step.3: Continue to My Schedule

  •  In My Schedule tab, click on the link “Login to My Schedule”.
  • Log in by your password and check your e schedule. Paystub

  • Go into choose My Pay & info tab option.
  • Click on it and Request a Password Button.
  • Type and enter in your User-name.
  • Click on the Ok Button To Confirm Your new request.

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