is an employee portal by Kroger which is designed for employees to access their work related and other information.All the Kroger employees and company associates can access this portal. In great people any information will be circulated whatever happens in the enterprise. So, You need to Register into to get complete access in the portal.This website provides current updates about paystubs, newsletters, work schedules, holidays, etc.

Customer can Submit feedback on website. Also Fuel points are offered by Kroger for completion of Customer Satisfaction survey.

What is GreatPeople ?

Access the website. Log in provides employment information for all the employees. Check the schedule once you are Kroger employee. Paystub and work schedule is displayed. Employees and associates are able to access even more stuff like their pay stubs, work schedules and a lot many other details .

How to Login To GreatPeople.Me?

Login is Required to access the account. Not Only Fred Meyer’s also Kroger, Employees can Login.

  • Go to the
  • Just launch a browser in your mobile or computer.
  • Visit
  • Note that you need to enter perfect URL in the address bar.
  • Then you’ll be redirected to the Secureweb :
  • All you need to have is Enterprise User ID and also Password.
  • If the portal not working with your side, just change browser or check your internet settings.
  • Now click on I agree.
  • GreatPeople.Me Login
  • You’ll be redirected to the account. login required for the Kroger employee who are working. It’s an incredible system of information online instead of unnecessary paperwork. All you require is the User ID and Password.

  • Pay and appraisals.

Forgot Enterprise ID & Password ?

If you are not able to login and trying to reset your password. Try to clear your browser history or change the browser. If the problem persists click on  Help to recover or reset your password by just following few steps. For recovering your Enterprise ID, you need to contact your Kroger store administrator.

  1. Go to the
  2. To recover your Forgotten Enterprise ID or Password, Please Go to Login Page.
  3. Then Click on “User ID Help” if you had Forgot Enterprise ID.
  4. If not Click on “Password Help” if you need to reset your Password.
  5. Kroger Help Desk For Employees through customer service : 1–800–576–4377. Benefits benefits their employees with some additional perks who are working with them.

  • Check your e -schedule and daily tasks there.
  • Information about different products, services and available discounts.
  • Apply for vacations and Paid Time Off.
  • Find answers to their job-related queries.
  • Bonus Pay

How To Register on GreatPeople.Me ?

If it was your first time user registration, register on the portal. To complete registration, follow few steps.

Step.1: Use Your Registration-Key

  • Store admin will give you personal Registration-Key with an encrypted document.
  • To Set your password, you need to take few steps.

Step.2: Set up your password and security questions

  • Visit official site.
  • If you are working Kroger Employee, you can directly access login page.
  • Click On the link “Self-service Registry.”
  • Enter Your Enterprise ID and your Registry Key.
  • Then Login into portal.
  • Now, Select & answer any five security questions and click next.
  • Set Strong and unique password that you could remember further.
  • Your Credentials are validated successfully.

Step.3: Continue to My Schedule

  •  In My Schedule tab, click on the link “ My Schedule”.
  • Log in by your password and check your e schedule.


  • Visit official site.
  • Choose My Pay & info tab option.
  • Click on it and Request a Password Button.
  • Type and enter in your User-name.
  • Click on the Ok Button To Confirm Your new request.